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Oreste CasanovaStarting from 1967 the lodge has been run by the Alpine guide, Oreste Casanova, who from 1958 to 1966 also ran the Vioz "Mantova". In 2006, he received the "Picozza d'Oro" Award for his love and respect for the mountains, and for his fundamental contribution to protect the good that belongs to all of us. Currently this tradition continues with his son, Manuel and hopefully with the future generations.


The Sat

Logo SatThe Association of Trentino's mountaineers (S.A.T.) was founded in Madonna di Campiglio in September 2nd, 1872.It first was named Alpine Society of Trentino. The founders' aim was to promote knowledge of the Trentino mountains, tourist development of the valleys and the Italian culture in the Trentino region. The ways to achieve these goals were: the construction of shelters, the construction of paths, fundings for hotel owners, the organization of the Alpine guides, climbing peaks and the publication of writings related to the mountain area. The first president was Prospero Marchetti, and the vice-president Nepomuceno Bolognini.

As a motto from the poem by American Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Excelsior, was used. In 1920 the SAT became part of the Italian Alpine Club (C.A.I.), while at the same time maintaining its own indipendence.

The II World War years are characterized mainly by the rehabilitation of the shelters and buildings damaged by the war. Thanks to the foundation of S.O.S.A.T. (Working class section of the S.A.T.), the practice of mountaineering was opened for all social classes. Currently the S.A.T. has over 22.000 memebers, divided into 77 sections and 7 groups, owns 34 shelters, 16 camps, a number of lodges and areas for assistance, maintains road signs and over 4,500 km paths.

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